Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cute Kittens

A couple of months ago a stray female cat showed up at my house. I am allergic to cats so I couldnt' keep her, but she was such a nice cat I decided to find a home for her. It wasn't long until I discovered she was very pregnant, so I decided to take care of her until she had her babies then find homes for all of them. She has disappeared now leaving 2 of her cute little kittens behind. I'm not sure what happened to her but I'm afraid she got on the road or something, since she hasn't returned to eat or feed her babies (they weren't weaned yet). The little ones have been eating though so I guess they will be OK. They are really cute and I will be looking for them a home soon.

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Miss Gaunt says ... said...

So cute! n.n I hope the new mommy come back soon to look after her kids n.n I love pets, but my dog doesn't let us to have another pet xD so jelouse! ¬¬ Kisses :)



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