Sunday, May 26, 2013

Beautiful Sweet Smelling Lilacs

Oh how I love these flowers.  They just don't stay around long enough.  My bush was bursting with blooms but only for a few days.  Long enough for me to pick a big bouquet and enjoy them on my dining room table though.  The smell was divine.

Redwing Blackbirds

I have been enjoying observing and shooting the redwing blackbirds.

The males are dark black with bright red, yellow, and white on their wings.

The females are totally different in color.  They do have a tiny bit of red on their wings.

This female is sitting on a wild grape vine.  Her head was mostly behind the leaves but every little bit she would peek under the leaves to see if I was still watching her :)

This female was busy getting supper for her babies...see it in her mouth :)

 This guy is really watching me.

Justin & Liz

My handsome son Justin.

Liz always looks beautiful, she is so easy to shoot.

This is my favorite recent picture of Justin.  I am not usually a black and white person but I love this one in black and white.


Samantha has learned to pose!  Yay!  She still thinks it is more fun for me to chase her but she will occasionally be still for the few seconds it takes me to focus and click the shutter....especially if I reward her with quarters :)

I love the soft early morning light in this one.

She enjoyed going for walks with me along the little road that borders our farm.

She was thrilled to throw rocks in the puddle the rainfall had created!

Such a pretty little smile!

The barstool helped keep her still.

Spring In Tennessee

Everything was still mostly brown in Michigan but the farther south we got the greener it was.  TN was lush and green and bursting with early spring blooms.  These were taken the last few days of April.

A Walk Along Pine River

The geese were pretty wary of us.

This one was angled just right for the evening light to brighten it's eye.

I have no idea what this shell is.  I was in a very wet area near the river and saw a large shell...well large for a snail type shell.  Then I begin to look around and they were everywhere.  They were in wet leaves.  I could count probably 20 just by looking in a 4 or 5 foot area around where I was standing

The swan wasn't very cooperative in posing for me.  It stayed way far away.

If I was really quiet I could sneak up on the turtles.

This was a limb off a bush.



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