Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Full Moon

We were sitting around a bonfire with friends, enjoying the cool night when I noticed the big beautiful moon rising in the sky.  Of course I had to run get my camera and shoot it :)

A Pretty Sunset

I love to shoot this little red building.  As we were nearing the building the sun was slowly slipping toward the horizon, I was so glad I got there just in time to shoot the sun before it went to bed for the night.  I have no idea what this little building is, but it sure makes a great photography subject.

Watching The Sunset

We live very close to the Pine River, so my husband and I love to watch the sunset over the river.  There are two little parks where we can sit on benches or picnic tables and view the sunset.
This is the view from the benches along the walking trail.

This is the view at the other little park.

Abbi loves to go along.  I am not sure she cares much about the sunset but she loves being outside with us.  If we walk she happily scampers along beside us, and if we take our bikes she rides in the basket of Scott's bike.

Rose Buds

These tiny little rose buds are a delight to see up close and to shoot.

You can see how the expanding bloom has split the outer covering of the bud as the bloom presses to free itself from the green wrap.

This one has been opened a little longer.

And this one has been opened even longer.

Gerbera Daisy

Peony Bud

I love all the detail I can see in this peony bud. It proved to be quiet challenging to shoot though.

Purple & Yellow Violet

These are teeny tiny little blooms too, but oh so pretty!

I was delighted when the wild flowers began to bloom.  I love taking macro pictures of wildflowers.... well any flowers actually.

These yellow blooms are very small.... probably about the size of a dime.



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