Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pretty Flowers and a Dragon Fly

Samantha Claire

Samantha has beautiful blue eyes.  She gave me so many different expressions when I was photographing her but no smiles.  These were taken in late August, about a month before her 1st birthday. As you can see by the first pictue, she's going to be a Canon girl :)

I tried again another day, but no smiles :)

Finally she smiled but only when her daddy was holding her.
Love her hair flying in the wind :)

A Beautiful View

A Tennessee Stream

In early August, I enjoyed hiking along this little stream in TN. I love the sounds of the water bubbling and rushing over the rocks. It was a shallow little stream and I waded across it a few times. Even though it was a hot day, the water was very, very cold.

Standing Stone State Park

I enjoyed visiting Standing Stone State Park in early August, 2011.  I always go there in the spring for wildflowers and butterflies.  I was thrilled to find autumn wildflowers and butterflies this time.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

On our downtown Indy shoot, my friend and I found the squirrels were great models.  It was a very hot day and this little one was hot and trying to cool himself by flattening out on the branches of the tree and the ground.    The little baby cardinal was hopping all around and fluttering a little as it's anxious parents tried to feed it little pieces of the greenery they pulled off and call it into the more dense vegetation for protection.  I loved getting to photograph it so closely. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Downtown Indy

My friend and I went to downtown Indy for a photo shoot on a hot, hot, extremely hot July day. 



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