Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Cookies & Coffee

These cookies were delicious! I am not sure which I enjoyed the most; eating the cookies, or using them for photographs :)

It's Beautiful In Michigan This Time Of Year

I love to just get out and drive through the countryside and look at all the pretty scenes. Well actually I like to ride and let Scott drive so I can take pictures:)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Big Move

Monday after Thanksgiving, Scott and I packed up a big yellow Penske truck (with lots of help) and moved to St. Louis, Michigan to pastor a church. We arrived here on December 1st. We are all settled in our new home.

You can see out new home in this shot.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Week At Hunting Island South Carolina

I spent a wonderful week at Hunting Island State Park this fall. It was so much fun. My sole purpose for being there was to take pictures. I really enjoyed the beach, it was a thrill to walk along with the sand beneath my feet, the waves lapping at my ankles, feel the sun beaming down, hear the noisy pelicans as they flew over, and just to enjoy all the glorious sights and sounds of the beach.

The Beach Tree

During my stay at Hunting Island South Carolina I was intrigued with this tree. It had a huge root system which had been exposed by the beach erosion. This area of the beach was troubled by erosion. Most of the trees had already fallen but this one was hanging on. The roots were so tall a 6 foot man could walk under them. I saw several people come by to check on the tree, some photographed it and others just observed it. Children climbed on it's roots and played underneath them.

September 1st, Hurricane Earl was coming near and strong undertows and extensive beach erosion was expected. I met a nice man named Doug who called the tree "My Tree". He had been photographing and observing the tree for 3 years, watching the beach erode from beneath it. He came for one last visit with his tree, the tide was already starting to come in. I thought he looked so tiny near the roots and photographed him there to show the enormity of the exposed root system and I talked with him after he finished and came up on the bank. The tree fell that day at high tide, even though the beautiful tree was gone, I found it's roots left protruding from the beach still made a nice point of interest in a sunrise picture.... so a tiny part of it continued on :)

I photographed the tree simply because it was interesting and intriguing to me. I had no idea it would not be there when I left at the end of the week. I thought since the tree was so watched by so many people it deserved it's own blog entry.

Doug near the roots of his tree on September 1st, 2010, just shortly before it fell.

The sunrise reflecting near the roots of the tree on the 2nd morning after it fell.



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