Thursday, May 17, 2012


I decided to try shooting the geese again in different light.  this was just about and just after sunset.


A lot of geese live on the Pine River near our house.  There is a little area with picnic tables and benches a few blocks away from us, where the geese tend to hang around in the morning and evening.  I enjoyed shooting them in the early morning light with the beautiful blue sky reflecting in the water.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Birds Nest

Michigan Scenery

One of my favorite things to do is just drive around out in the country looking for picturesque scenes to shoot.  I love shooting barns and there are plenty of them here.

 In days gone by old stumps were taken out of the ground and then arranged along the edges of property to make a fence.

 Getting the ground ready for planting!

 A beautiful church.

 An old lumber mill, sitting along the bank of a little river.
Plowing with a team of 6 horses!

A Posing Squirrel

I was amazed at how calm this little squirrel was.  It let me get fairly close then scampered up a tree.  It didn't seem to mind me at all once it got up in the tree where it knew I couldn't reach it :)

Female Red Wing Blackbirds

These little ladies posed wonderfully for me!


 Fiddle Head Ferns

 These two have just popped thru the ground.

 Bleeding Hearts




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