Monday, December 28, 2009

A Memory Lane Picture

Every now and then I take a photo that evokes a memory lane trip. Somehow it reminds me of the past. These shots, of the little red wagon loaded with leaves, do just that. As I squeeze my eyes shut.......... I see two little boys, raking up piles of leaves only to run through them and spread them out again, covering each other up in them, posing for momma to take pictures of them, loading them into their wagon and hauling them to another spot, laughing, playing and spending hours enjoying the simple things of life, like little red wagons, and piles of colorful leaves. When I open my eyes again, the little boys are gone, they are all grown up now, in the place of the little boys, I see two fine young men. What a joy it has been to make this journey with them, and what a pleasant trip this little scene takes me on .....down memory lane

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