Monday, November 14, 2011

My Garden

I love growing a garden.  There is just something about placing that tiny little seed into the ground, waiting for it to sprout then spring to life and bring forth fruit.  This was our first year at growing a garden in Michingan.  We didn't have space for a big garden but our little garden produced well.

The garden is all gone now but I am already planning for next year.
Yellow Squash.


This view shows the garden from the front looking toward the back, or the view you would see from the street.

The tomatoes above are a hybrid we bought as plants from the greenhouse.  They are called mega bites.  The tomatoes were not very big, but the plants were loaded with tomatoes.  I counted over 40 tomatoes on one plant of this kind.
This isn't a pretty picture because of the power lines but it shows the whole garden, so I included it anyway.

Case Knive green beans.  These beans are heirloom beans.  They are my favorite bean.  I always save my own seed.

This is a new heirloom tomato I tried this year.  I bought the seed from an heirloom company and grew the plants from the seed.  They are shaped like a pepper, very meaty, and have very few seed in them.  And as you can see they bear very heavy also.

A basket of veges I fixed up as a gift.  Of course I had to play with it a while and take pictures before I gave it away :)

A nice basket full of fresh green beans.  I love having my own home canned green beans.  There is just no comparison to the taste of these compared with store bought canned green beans.
All broke up and in the jars, ready to can.
All done and cooling on the stone.

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Monica Renee' Sheely said...

Your garden pictures are so beautiful and clear, love them! :)



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