Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Trip to Cades Cove March 15, 2015

Oh the Cove is so beautiful even in early spring when most things are still bare and brown.

The John Oliver Cabin.  I love to photograph this cabin!!

Such a beautiful sky, funny how picturesque a plain, bare tree can be.

 The Becky House
 The Becky Cable Mill

I love noticing the details.  These are for stretching, hanging and drying animal furs.

Notice how the corners are made to make sure they don't slip apart when they deteriorate.

Hand made hinges.

Wooden nails.

Old Mill Wheels.

A different style barn.

The Whitehead Place.  The story goes a lady's husband left her with a small child, desolate.  Her brothers and father's quickly threw together a rough,tiny cabin, so she and her child would have shelter.  Later a Mr. Whitehead pledged to build her the finest cabin in the cove if she would marry him.  He built it right next to her little, rough one.

Love this tree!

An old smoke house.

Love this barn too!

Who knew daffodils could be so beautiful!

I loved the old church peeking out of the woods across the field.

These daffodils have survived here in the cove for years.

This tree is affectionately known as  "The Tree".

I found this scene on one of the lanes in the cove.

My first trip to the Elijah Oliver cabin.

As we were hiking back out from the Elijah Oliver cabin the sun popped through the heavy overcast clouds and lit the landscape with the most beautiful light.

The beautiful golden light was the perfect ending to a perfect day shared with my love in one of my favorite places on earth.

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Jonelle Barnard said...

JoAnn, these pictures are stunning! You are so excellent with landscape compositions. Love the last 2 photos too! Great job and can't wait to see you soon!



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