Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring Time In Michigan

It has finally got warm enough to be back on the bike trail!  Actually it was hot Thursday.... I think it got in the upper 80's.  That was really warm after having temps in the thirties just a few days ago :)  We went with friends on the bike trail and I saw many of these little white wildflowers.  I couldn't wait to go back and shoot them.  I was very surprised that they were almost totally gone in the space of 2 days!  I did find a few small ones to shoot though.

A mother goose sitting on her eggs!  Sure hope I get to see the little goslings when they hatch.

I'll zoom her in a little.
I was far away shooting with a 300mm lens.

I found these little beauties growing in a low swampy area.  They were hard to shoot because you had to get wet to get close to them.

As we were riding along on our tandem bike, my eyes were constantly scanning the area for wildflowers.  Suddenly I spotted what I thought was wild violets.  When I got closer I discovered these beautiful little flowers springing from the forest floor, reaching up over the cover of leaves to bloom in the sun.  They were not what I thought they were but beautiful none the less.

A little closer.
 The little blooms are about the size of a dime.... maybe even smaller.
 The color varies from very pale, almost white to the darker you see above.

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