Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I love shooting Flowers!

 Wildflowers, weeds, flowers in  flowerbeds,  it doesn't matter to me what kind they are, I just love to shoot them.  I love seeing the details up close, details we wouldn't notice with just our eyes.  The intricate designs of our creator  are there just waiting for us to see them, sometimes I am amazed at the details I never noticed until I took the time to take a macro shot and see all the details I miss with my eyes.  Below are flowers I shot during the spring and summer.
This begonia bloom  looks like it has just burst through the green walls of the bud leaving hair like fibers of the bud wisping around.

See the tiny little curly q's in the center of this one and the ruffled edges of every petal?

I have no idea what these pretty red berries are but I found them interesting so I carried a twig of them back with me to shoot.

See we never notice the little details like the tips of every petal look as though they were trimmed with pinking shears... looks like little triangles cut out of each one.

I have been around zinnias all of my life yet I never realized the bloom keeps getting bigger and bigger as each new little layer of perals opens.  See the pale green with pink tip little things in the very center?  Those are new pink petals just waiting to open up and make this flower another layer tall.  I also love the little yellow star like parts.

I love seeing all the details on the bees.  Who would imagine a bee was hairy?

A zinnia bud just about to pop open.

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