Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Scenes from our farm in TN

     Our little farm sits nestled in an area of rolling hills, about 5 miles from Dale Hollow Lake.  When you go outside and look up, it doesn't matter which direction you look, mountains are what you see.  They stand there strong and tall, jutting high into the sky, as though they are protecting the little farms and homes nestled into their foothills.  

This little gravel lane borders our land.  I think it is my favorite place to walk.

If you are walking on the lane above and turn to look behind you and to your right this is the view you will see, looking out across my neighbors fields, with the mountains as a backdrop.

This is the view if you travel the length of our land from the front toward the back and then look out over our field, toward our neighbors field and to the mountains.

I love this old evergreen tree.  It stands firm and tall in our field offering refuge to the animals from the hot sun in the summer.
Looking across our field again toward the mountains.  Scott's uncle has cows on our land, and of course they had to come and make sure I didn't have feed for them.

This is from the upper side of our property and shows our barn.

A little closer view of the barn from the upper side.

This one is the view from my mother in law's front porch.   She lives about 5 miles from our farm.

This is an old log barn I pass on the way from my house to my mother in law's house.

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