Friday, November 23, 2012

September Lighthouse Trip

Grand Haven Lighthouse, Grand Haven MI

     My friend Jennifer and I wanted to go on a trip to take pictures of lighthouses.  We got up very early and traveled 2+ hours in hopes of reaching the first lighthouse about sunrise.  The sun had just popped over the horizon and was shining like a spot light on one of the Grand Haven Lighthouses. There are actually 2 different lighthouses on the same pier.... one is just farther out along the pier. Both are beautiful lighthouses and I always enjoy walking out the pier taking pictures as I go of the lighthouses and the fisherman that are always on the pier.

We were so excited as we arrived on the beach and saw how beautiful the clouds were and how the early morning light was shining on the lighthouses.  Storms were approaching and the waves were crashing pretty hard at the far end of the pier.

This one was shot from the beach as well as the one above.

Another shot from the beach as the early morning light and the storm clouds are constantly changing.  If you closely at this one you can see how hard the waves are breaking against the far end of the pier.
 A shot as we walk out the pier.  You can see both lighthouses in this shot.

This one is just shot from the opposite side of the pier, compared to the one above. 

We are getting closer and closer to the first lighthouse.  As you can see there are always lots of people walking on the pier.

A fisherman fishes from the pier.

Up close to the first lighthouse.

This is the second lighthouse.  I usually love to walk just beyond it on the edge of the pier and turn around and shoot it with the taller lighthouse in the background and the shoreline.  Today the waves are crashing really hard so the water is splashing on the pier making it too dangerous to shoot much from beyond this one.

You can see how hard the waves are crashing here.  The fisherman just continues to fish, as the waves break hard against the far end of the pier sending water spraying high into the air .

Evidently he has fished this spot often and knows just exactly how close to the end of the pier he can position himself and still avoid being sprayed and swept away by the crashing waves.

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Jennifer Mims said...

What in the world is wrong with people that look at blogs and don't post a comment...HEHE!!! These are so amazing and look like some I have:) Love these!!!



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